A dreamy beach side engagement session in Matlock, just outside of Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba

Aly grew up playing on this exact beach every summer in Matlock. It was incredibly important to her to have this be the backdrop for their engagement session as this location holds so many beautiful memories for her. Now, with her soon to be husband, they get to make new memories here, including their engagement session.

We started off in the sand, running barefoot and exploring the beach and Matlock Pier. Then a quick outfit change, we decided to get in the water, pop some Champagne, and run through the warm water.

The water across Manitoba this year was extremely low, which gave us the opportunity to walk really far out into Lake Winnipeg. The evening ended in the water, running with the birds and breathing in the warm summer air. This evening was such a gift, and I’m so grateful and honored to capture this special time for Aly and Blake!

I can’t wait for their wedding this summer in Clear Lake, Manitoba at Elkhorn Resort!

Why choose the beach for your engagement session?

You really can’t go wrong with a beach engagement session. They are playful, inviting, calming, and are great for any type of session. This one is even MORE special as this location holds so many beautiful memories for Aly (and now Aly and Blake!).

Winnipeg Beach Engagement Photos

May 3, 2022

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