The setting for Carly and Ben’s lakeside wedding ceremony was pure magic. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Clearwater Bay at Lake of the Woods, Ontario, their family cabin provided the serene backdrop for their intimate and romantic celebration.

The location for their ceremony was a high priority for the two of them. They decided on Carly’s family cabin, outside Kenora, Ontario. While the logistics of this was a bit trickier, the special meaning and significance of the location outweighed all of the disadvantages of planning a ceremony at their cabin.

Because space and parking was limited at the cabin, they decided to have a smaller, intimate ceremony and invited more friends and family to join their reception later on at Lake Of The Woods Brewing Company in Kenora. This worked great for Carly and Ben, who both have more introverted personalities and preferred to share their intimate vows with only a select few.

They also decided to get ready together, alone, at the cabin and spend a few quiet hours together the morning of their wedding. This really set the tone for the day for the two of them and helped with all of the nerves.

Their reception was held at the beautiful Lake of the woods Brewery in Kenora, Ontario which is a beautiful venue for a wedding!

Their entire day was planned about how each decision was going to make them feel, and it was a beautifully romantic, calm, and intentional day.

While planning a lake wedding has its challenges, I have always seen them turn out beautiful. I mean, what could go wrong? You’re at the lake! 🙂

May 14, 2024

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