The intimate and relaxed fall wedding of Jenny and Colin, on Hecla Island.

I’ve known Jenny since we were little, and that made their wedding day so close to my heart. They had changed their wedding day plans many times due to covid restrictions, but they finally settled to have an intimate wedding at Hecla Lakeview in the fall.

Hecla Island is such a beautiful area for a wedding, any time of year! But Hecla in the wall… WOW.

The Most Important Parts of their wedding day…

When we first start talking about how they wanted to feel during their wedding day, all they wanted was to be relaxed, to have fun, and to now worry about a timeline. They also really valued wedding photos. It is the one thing that is left after your wedding day is over, your wedding photos.

They wanted to get ready slowly. Jenny, with her sweet cat (yes, she brought her cat!) and the close women in her life got married in one room. In the other, was Colin and his family. Once they were ready, they casually just met up in the hotel’s hallway when they were ready to go! It was clear to them that a “first look” would feel way too choreographed and not sincere. I really liked this approach!

After that, we went on a hike to the lighthouse with their wedding party. This was a suggestion I made to them when we were in the early stages of wedding planning. I KNEW that the hike to the lighthouse would be a MUST. It totally felt like them. The wedding party LOVED all being together and going for a nice easy hike on a wedding day. It was relaxing, everyone got to chat with each other, and we stopped at various locations along the way that spoke to us.

Even for the ceremony, they didn’t want that to feel scripted or rehearsed. They wanted it to feel real and natural. They walked through the field together, holding hands, to join all of their closest family and friends.

What a day to remember!

Hecla Island Wedding Day Vendors

Bride + Bridesmaids bouquets and groom’s boutonniere – handmade by Jenny!

Makeup – Salka Spa (in Lakeview Hotel)

Venue – Hecla Lakeview

Ceremony Dress – Pearl and Birch

Jenny’s Jacket – Mod Cloth

Colin’s Jacket – Tiger of Sweden

Reception Dress – Pine Ridge Hollow

Boots – Urban Trail

Rings – Michael Hill and W K Chan

Vegan + Gluten Free Cake – Eiffle Tower Pastry

May 13, 2022

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